Expect more with Windows Server 2022

Expect more with Windows Server 2022 — for your customers and your business. With Windows Server 2022 on modern hardware, your customers can gain direct business benefits from cloud-ready hybrid capabilities, advanced multilayer security, simplified remote working, and flexible infrastructure. At the same time, you can grow your business by extending your reach and expanding your deal size.

Windows Server 2022 is built on the strong foundation of Windows Server 2019 and brings innovation in four key areas: hybrid capabilities with Microsoft Azure, advanced multilayer security, more secure remote working, and modernized server infrastructure. Use these modern hardware features to pitch Windows Server 2022 to your customers. Emphasize that Windows Server 2022 operates as a flexible cloud-ready platform, so your customers can have a hybrid infrastructure that helps enable additional layers of security and uses some capabilities of Azure.

Hybrid capabilities with Microsoft Azure

Achieve greater IT efficiency by extending the datacenter to Azure using a cloud-ready operating system with hybrid capabilities.

Windows Server 2022
Advanced multilayer security

Help protect business-critical data and apps at virtually every level of the business, starting with the operating system.

Windows Server 2022
More secure remote working

Empower remote workers with an enhanced user experience, while simplifying management for IT.

Windows Server 2022
Modernized server infrastructure

Transform infrastructure and applications with flexible solutions like software-defined storage and networking and a modern app platform.

Windows Server 2022

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