World’s most popular virtual Load Balancer

Kemp offers the most capable solutions for load balancing, network performance monitoring, and network detection & response to ensure applications are always-on and network issues are resolved before they become a problem.

Simple, Easy-to-Use Products
Award-winning hardware, virtual and cloud-native deployment options, including the industry’s first per-app software load balancer/ADC.

Most-Flexible Licensing Options
Pricing that maps exactly to your business requirements, with perpetual, subscription, metered, pooled, and service provider licensing options.

Unmatched Value & Cost Savings
Maximize your budget with the industry’s best price-performance solution, providing 4x the throughput for the money compared to F5 and Citrix.

World-Class Technical Support
Get direct-access technical support in-region on first contact with highly experienced network engineers with application-specific competencies.

Award-winning L4-7 virtual ADC
High-performance virtual Load Balancer and Reverse Proxy. Includes core functions like Server and Application health monitoring, SSL acceleration with FIPS 140-2 support, Caching/Compression, TCP Multiplexing, an automation-enabled API, and more.

Global DNS & Traffic Management Services
Move past the single data center, allowing for multi-datacenter High Availability. Even when a primary site is down, traffic is diverted to the disaster recovery site. Clients can connect to their fastest performing or geographically closest data center.

Fully-featured Web Application Firewall
Enables secure deployment of web applications, preventing Layer 7 attacks while maintaining core load balancing services. Kemp’s WAF directly augments the LoadMaster’s existing security features to create a layered defense for web applications – enabling a safe, compliant and productive use of published services.

SSO & Secure Application Access
Kemp’s Edge Security Pack (ESP) simplifies secure application publishing with client pre-authentication and single sign-on (SSO). Active Directory Integration, SAML, security group-based traffic routing, RADIUS authentication, Customizable FBA forms, and Multi-factor authentication (MFA) support a complete Identity Access Management (IAM) strategy.

Network performance monitoring
The Kemp Flowmon network performance monitoring and diagnostic (NPMD) solutions collect and analyze rich network telemetry from various sources, saving hours of tedious network troubleshooting and accelerating time-to-resolution.

Network detection & response
The Kemp Flowmon network detection and response (NDR) solutions combine machine learning, heuristics, and advanced analytics to improve network performance, alert on network anomalies and provide early detection of advanced persistent threats.

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